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Parent Activities

parent-involvement-aldea-montessoriIt is a commonly held belief that children whose families are involved in their education get more from that education. At Aldea Montessori, there are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the education of their children.

Regular Communication

We feel it is very important for parents to be informed of what is happening both in the classroom and within the school community. Aldea News, our regular eNewsletter is published frequently. Parents also have individual contact with their child’s teacher upon pick up and through e-mail. In addition, if there are specific concerns, conferences can be arranged at any time.

Parent Observation

Parents are encouraged to come and observe the classroom at least two times during the school year. Observation allows parents to see how their children function in the classroom and with their fellow students. This also provides an opportunity to see how their children will progress as they mature.

Cultural Celebrations cultural-celebrations-aldea-montessori

Each month, the children study a different country and its culture. Parents help make these studies more real by sharing their experiences and occasionally helping us create meals from these places.

Twice a year, we have community celebrations that involve the entire Aldea community.  The parents volunteer to man stations, prepare foods, tell stories and in general create an atmosphere as close to the country of celebration as possible.

Parent Workshops

We believe that consistency between the home and school environment helps children succeed.  We also feel it is important for parents to know what their children are doing in school. The administration and staff plan workshops that not only educate parents in the hows and whys of Montessori theory, but allow the adults to experience the wonder of the Montessori environment for themselves.  Most parents who attend these sessions learn feel they can better relate to their children on their developmental plane. Spontaneous discussion among the parents at these sessions tends to be informative and supportive for all. During the time that your children are with us, we strongly encourage parents to attend each of the following sessions:

  • Montessori Theory – A discussion of the observations and theories of Dr. Maria Montessori, and how they apply to the development of children, particularly in the preschool age group.
  • Montessori in the Home – A discussion of how to adapt the methods and principles of Dr. Montessori in your home.
  • Introduction to Practical Life – An introduction to the exercises in the Practical Life area of the classroom. Parents learn the purpose and method of teaching these lessons.
  • Introduction to Sensorial – A discussion of the Sensorial area of the classroom includes a demonstration of the exercises and materials used.
  • Introduction to Language – A discussion of the methods used in teaching children to read and write using the materials in the Language area of the classroom.
  • Introduction to Mathematics – An interactive demonstration of the exercises and materials used for Mathematics lessons.
  • Montessori for the Kindergarten Year – An introduction to the magic and wonder of the five and six year old in the Montessori classroom.
  • Montessori Elementary – A tour through the amazing world of Montessori elementary from first through sixth grade.

The Aldea Parent Group (APG)

Many families of Aldea students form lasting friendships through common interests and goals. In addition to the informal relationships, a group of parents has organized to make the school an even better place.  The Aldea Parent Group (APG) organizes activities around two basic goals:  creating an active, thriving community and raising funds to make Aldea a better place for all our children. EVERY family of an enrolled student is a member of the APG and expected to participate on some level.  Volunteering shows our children how important their school is to us and it teaches them how community service is a vital part of every citizen’s life.