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Make a Difference to a Child on #GivingTuesday!!

Make a Difference to a Child on #GivingTuesday!!

img_2068If you pay taxes in the State of Arizona, you can help a child attend the school that is right for him or her.  Wait, my taxes can help a child attend school?  Well of course!  But did you know that the Arizona Tuition Scholarship  allows taxpaying adults to allocate up to $2173 of their tax liability to a scholarship fund for children in need?  Children whose parents want the best possible education for their child, but may not have the ability to pay for that program?

It's true!  For every dollar you allocate to a State Tuition Organization, the State will give you a 100% CREDIT on your 2016 Arizona taxes.  That's amazing, right?

But here's the TRULY amazing part!  If you allocate your tax credit to Aldea Montessori through the Arizona Tuition Connection (ATC) on Tuesday, November 29, ATC will DOUBLE YOUR DONATION!!!  Yep, for every dollar you allocate (and get back as a tax credit), ATC will match your donation!!  It's hard to believe, but it's true.

Spread the word--Scholarship a Child by clicking on this link: (Recommend Aldea Montessori)

Then pass on the message to everyone you know.  This is an incredible opportunity--don't miss it!!


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