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Our vision is an environment where parents and staff work together to ensure every child has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential to the highest degree, following the inspired work of Maria Montessori.


  • To offer every child the possibility of a Montessori education, regardless of the parents' financial position, because Dr. Montessori believed in the potential within every child
  • To provide diversity to such a degree that every child will assume the world is full of people in every color, with many languages, with many beliefs because Dr. Montessori believed that peace and tolerance can only begin with the children
  • To find staff members who truly believe in the special creative power within every child and are determined to find the one work that will open the door to unleash that power because Dr. Montessori saw that work, when correctly motivated, heals the soul
  • To provide multiple and regular opportunities for parents to learn how best to contribute to their child's inner growth because Dr. Montessori believed that adults, if unaware, could impede the child's natural development
  • To create the most beautiful, fully-integrated Montessori environment, inside and out, in the Phoenix area because Dr. Montessori was very clear on how the meticulous care of the environment spoke to the child

Life Skill Objectives

In addition to the traditional academic pursuits, Aldea Montessori School strives to help children develop:

  •  Global understanding. We recognize that the world of the 21st century is one of increasing interdependence among peoples and nations of the world. Our children will be comfortable as “world citizens”, with a global awareness and understanding of issues. We strive to free each child from prejudices of race, national origin, ethnicity, language, economic status and religion. They will recognize the equality of the sexes, and will celebrate the diversity of the world’s peoples and cultures.
  • Service to humanity. We recognize that meaning and happiness come from selfless service to others. Our children will strive to find ways to serve others – their families, their communities, and humanity as a whole.
  • Exemplary character. We recognize that ultimately, the strength of one’s character is the essence of one’s self. Character is that set of virtues that are developed in an individual. Our children will develop, foremost amongst their virtues, truthfulness, trustworthiness, kindness, courtesy, compassion, confidence, joyfulness and humility.
  • Creative minds. The creative mind is one that can bring knowledge to bear on new situations and challenges. To this end, our children will be well versed in the branches of knowledge, with emphasis on mathematics, literature, science, history and arts. They will learn to independently investigate reality, to seek intelligently, to discover things for themselves, and to depend upon their own reason and judgment. They will practice applying this body of knowledge and this set of skills to the challenges around them, and to use their minds to become agents of meaningful change in their communities.


We set our priorities and make decisions based on the needs of the following people, in this order:

  1. The needs of the children in the classroom, as a whole
  2. The needs of an individual child
  3. The needs of the parents
  4. The needs of the staff
  5. The needs of the administration

It is our intention and our belief that the children must always be our first consideration.