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At Aldea Montessori, we have a dream. Our dream is that ALL children will be able to attend the school that is right for them. That may be a public school. That may be a charter school. Or that may be a private school. But in ANY case, it will be the school best able to meet the needs of that child and money will not be an object. At Aldea Montessori, we go out of our way to find private and public scholarships for children. Do you share our dream?

Did you know there are 11 languages spoken in our student population and even more cultures represented? Did you know that when a child goes to play with a friend, that friend may live in a huge house or a small trailer and it doesn’t matter either way because it’s what is in our hearts that matters? Did you know we have single parent households, blended families, grandparents raising grandchildren, separated and divorced parents and that every one of these families shares one goal—the best education for their children? Each of these things makes Aldea Montessori the special place that it is for all the children.

More than 40% of our Aldea families receive some kind of financial assistance. We’d like to make that number even higher—in fact, we’d like to see every student attend Aldea absolutely free! We have a group of motivated parents that are working toward that dream and every Aldea parent can help us in some way.

Families have three scholarship programs available to them, depending on each families individual needs and the age of the children.

Seed Money for Growth (SMFG) Foundation

The SMFG scholarship was created by Dr. Wallace Reed to honor his wife, Maria Reed—one of the first Montessori teachers in Phoenix.  This scholarship pays up to 1/3 the annual tuition.  The SMFG scholarship is granted annually based on an application submitted by May 15 of the previous school year.   In a typical year, 15+ students receive aid from an SMFG scholarship.

First Things First/Valley of the Sun United Way (FTF/VSUW)

The FTF/VSUW scholarship is awarded by the Arizona First Things First program created to provide quality early childhood education to families with demonstrated financial need.  Parents complete a short financial aid application and awards are made based on the number of scholarships that FTF/VSUW has allocated to Aldea Montessori.  The current scholarship is upwards of $500 per month for 6+ children.

Arizona State Tax Credit Scholarship

Kindergarten students are eligible to receive the Arizona State Tax Credit scholarship.  This scholarship can cover up to 100% of annual tuition and is dependent on how well Aldea raises tax credit sponsors from the community.  Learn more about this program here.  To take your tax credit and help scholarship a child. DONATE NOW!

Aldea Montessori is a Children’s Village. A village of many cultures, many socio-economic classes, many types of families. It takes commitment on all our parts to maintain this diversity and it is just this diversity that makes Aldea such an integral part of our Phoenix community. Please help us achieve our dream!


More about the Arizona State Tax Credit Scholarship

The State of Arizona also shares our dream. They opened enrollment to any public school, thus allowing parents to choose not to send their child to the neighborhood school. They created Charter programs, partially funded by the State–another choice for parents. And the State of Arizona created the Tax Credit Scholarship Fund to offset Private school tuition so that parents truly do have a choice of ANY school.

The final scholarship program is through the Arizona State Tax Credit scholarship fund. Any person paying taxes in the State of Arizona can make a contribution to a School Tuition Organization and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when the taxes are filed. That means a contribution to help scholarship a child is absolutely free to the donor!


How can you help Aldea make the most of the Tax Credit scholarship fund? Watch our video describing the Tax Credit Scholarship program then complete the Tax Credit donation form and mail it to the Arizona Tuition Connection at the address indicated on the form or go online here and make your contribution instantly. If you choose to make your donation by check, make your check payable to Arizona Tuition Connection. Interested in more information? See the website for more information about the State legislation or to answer questions. Feel free to call us at Aldea Montessori at 602-485-0276.