Admissions Process

Are you interested in applying to our school? We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your child! These steps will walk you through the process:

Schedule a Tour and Classroom Observation
We invite you to call the office or complete the online form to schedule a tour.  At the tour, you will visit each of our environments and have ample time to ask questions about our programs.  We want you to make an informed decision, so we ask that you take the time to observe the classroom in action.
Please note that these initial visits are for adults only.
Complete the application and return to office with the Registration Fee.
Our application form is available here (link) or we are happy to provide you with a paper copy.  Once we receive your application, you child is officially on the waiting list for the next available spot in the classroom.
Meet the Teacher
Once a spot is available, you will be invited to meet the teacher and let her get to know your child.  This is the time to ask specific questions about life in the classroom or any concerns you may have about your child.
Secure Your Child’s Space
Once you have met the teacher, if you wish to continue with the process, we will sit with you to discuss the Enrollment Contract and available scholarship opportunities.  By completing the Enrollment Contract and submitting the $300 commitment fee, your child will be considered enrolled.
Join the Community!
Find out what it means to be a part of our community. Connect with us on social media to find out about events and to learn even more about what we have to offer.  You are now an official member of the Aldea Parent Group.  The APG works together to both add benefit to the school itself and to create social opportunities where parents and children can make lifelong friends.

Eligibility (for new or returning students)


Infant Program

Children must be at least 3 months old on the first day of attendance.

Toddler Program

Children must be at least 15 months old on the first day of attendance.  Children do not need to be toilet-trained.

Primary Program

  1. Children must be between the ages of 2 years 11 months and 4 years 3 months on the first day of attendance.
  2. Children must be toilet-trained (or very close). Diapers or pull-up diapers are not permitted.
  3. Children older than 4 years 3 months must have prior Montessori classroom experience.