Meet Our Staff

Our experienced Montessori guides are passionately committed to the Montessori method, and have dedicated their professional lives
to this world-changing approach to education. They are continually pursuing their practice to the next level. Aldea provides a supportive,
collaborative environment that includes the opportunity for formal in-house professional development opportunities, informal
one-on-one conversation and problem-solving, and continuing education from world-renowned Montessorians.


Donna D’Hoostelaere, Head of School, Aldea Montessori, Phoenix, AZ
Head of School
Office Manager

Teaching Staff

Diana Balazs, Primary Teacher, Aldea Montessori, Phoenix, AZ
Primary Teacher
Primary Assistant
Primary Assistant
Toddler Guide
Mina Hernandez, Toddler Guide, Aldea Montessori, Phoenix, AZ
Toddler Guide
Toddler Assistant
Infant Guide
Infant Assistant
Permanent Floater