How did you learn about Montessori? I Learned about Montessori while searching for a school for my extremely self-guided child. It was important to find a school for him that fostered his natural love of learning. After working with children for many years, I discovered Montessori education and it reignited my passion for working with children.

Where did you take your training? I have worked with children for over 13 years in New York City and New Jersey public schools. After moving to the west coast, I received in-house training at another Montessori school.

What do you love most about Montessori? I love how children are encouraged to be self-sufficient. I love watching the look on a child’s face after completing a work or task completely on their own. I believe that Montessori education fosters a child’s curious and independent nature. I really wish every child could receive a Montessori education!

 What are three things you cannot live without? Can’t live without my kiddos, my camera & music!

What is your favorite trip you’ve ever taken? Most memorable trip ever taken was to the Dominican Republic in 2010 with my family. While there, a catastrophic earthquake took place in Haiti and our vacation turned into a relief effort. It was life changing to witness and be a part of a relief effort of 1.5 million people affected by this disaster

What is your favorite local place? My favorite local place is Roosevelt Row Arts District in Phoenix. The murals fascinate me!

Do you have any other schooling degrees or training? I am a certified paraprofessional, and am trained in working with children with special needs.