• Choosing Aldea Montessori has by far been one of the best decisions we've made for our family. Our daughter is excited to go every single day, adores her teachers, and is learning so much. Aldea's team members truly care about every child and treat them all as family. There's no where else we'd take our little girl.

    Michelle O

  • Impressive! Not at all surprised at the high accolades. Being a part of Aldea has been such a blessing to our family. We are so thankful for the extensive knowledge you share and the love of everyone on staff.

    Mary Gerten-Glasgow

  • Aldea was our first experience in a Montessori setting and we couldn't be more pleased. The teachers are warm and knowledgeable, the staff is responsive and helpful, the Head of School is approachable and so very passionate about her work. With the help and guidance of Aldea Montessori, we are raising a helpful, independent and confident little girl. We are so fortunate to be part of the community!

    Becky P

  • If we had to boil down the impact that Aldea has had on our family it would be this: Developing the love of learning. Our oldest son was bored every day, attending the status quo day care. Once we moved him to Aldea, within two weeks, he was actively engaged and genuinely excited to wake up and go to school. He has grown academically and socially over the last few years - so much that we decided to keep him there for his kindergarten year and transfer his brother for preschool. The teachers and staff have created a safe and nurturing environment where the focus is on the positive behaviors and choices they see in the children, and they reinforce those behaviors with praise and kudos. The school community is welcoming and full of diverse perspectives - the perfect environment for raising children in a global community.

    Nicole Y.

  • Nunca imagine que la educación en preescolar podría ser tan completa hasta que mis hijos empezaron a atender Aldea Montessori hace casi 6 años. Cada niño trabaja con material distinto, y puede tomarse el tiempo necesario para terminar su trabajo, y repetirlo cuantas veces quiera hasta lograr perfeccionarlo. Esto les ha enseñado a aceptar las diferencias de cada persona y ver que cada niño es único en sus intereses y necesidades.En Aldea Montessori se ponen los medios necesarios para que cada niño pueda maximizar su potencial. Estamos sumanente contentos con la formación que nuestros hijos han recibido en Aldea Montessori.

    Fabiola S.