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Our oldest son was bored every day, attending the status quo day care. Once we moved him to Aldea, within two weeks, he was actively engaged and genuinely excited to wake up and go to school. The school community is welcoming and full of diverse perspectives...

Nicole Y.

Nunca imagine que la educación en preescolar podría ser tan completa hasta que mis hijos empezaron a atender Aldea Montessori hace casi 6 años. En Aldea Montessori se ponen los medios necesarios para que cada niño pueda maximizar su potencial. Estamos...

Fabiola S.

Both of my children attend Aldea Montessori and both LOVE it! The teachers and staff are excellent. My daughter is learning to read, loves math and is turning into a responsible, caring young girl. My son, loves the sorting and the work. He has really grown...

Beth B.

  • Montessori school programs for infants in Phoenix
    3 months - 15 months
    A Cozy Home Away From Home
  • Montessori school programs for toddlers in Phoenix
    15 months - 3 years
    The Journey to Independence
  • Montessori school programs for primary school children in Phoenix
    3 years through Kindergarten
    A Love for Learning



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