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Once we moved him to Aldea, within two weeks, he was actively engaged and genuinely excited to wake up and go to school. The school community is welcoming and full of diverse perspectives - the perfect environment for raising children in a global community.

Nicole Y.

Nunca imagine que la educación en preescolar podría ser tan completa hasta que mis hijos empezaron a atender Aldea Montessori hace casi 6 años. En Aldea Montessori se ponen los medios necesarios para que cada niño pueda maximizar su potencial. Estamos...

Fabiola S.

Both of my children attend Aldea Montessori and both LOVE it! The teachers and staff are excellent. My daughter is learning to read, loves math and is turning into a responsible, caring young girl. My son, loves the sorting and the work. He has really grown...

Beth B.

  • 3 months - 15 months
    A Cozy Home Away From Home
  • 15 months - 3 years
    The Journey to Independence
  • 3 years through Kindergarten
    A Love for Learning



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Freedom Within Limits

“To let the child do as he likes when he has not yet developed any powers of control is to betray the idea of freedom.”  -Maria Montessori One of the more common misconceptions about Montessori education is that we let the children run free to do what they please...

Gardening With Kids

The warm weather is finally upon us! As we find ourselves solidly in spring many of us shift our thoughts to the outdoors and our gardens. Whether you are new to gardening or have cared for plants for years, why not give it a try with your children? Children love to dig in the dirt, so why not make it a productive use of their time. It’s not too late to get started now!

A Book List for Parents

Each month we share a book list.  Typically it aims to give parents a list of books to share with their children based on a particular theme.  This month we take a short break from children’s books to provide parents with a list of their own. Whether you are...

Spread the Word: Why You Chose Montessori

You made the decision to enroll your child (or children) in a Montessori school and you couldn’t be happier.  You see the benefits, you relish in the joy your child has for learning, and you know you made the right choice.  But for whatever reason, you may...

Montessori and the Exceptional Child

Any parent considering Montessori for their child is sure to have lots of questions.  Perhaps one of the most prominent is: “Is this the best setting for my child?”  Parents of exceptional children have specific learning needs to consider.  Montessori...